Jerad Hobaugh is currently based in Haiku, Maui working as a freelance cinematographer, and editor. Since attending Brooks Institute for Doc Photography in 2013, Jerad has immersed himself in the doc film industry. While working as a core team member for Elevate Films, Jerad helped produce a feature doc film, a 6 episode TV show pilot, numerous short films, and hundreds of hours of online content for various luminaries and celebrated teachers. Jerad has also independently produced online yoga festivals, book trailers, retreat promos, wedding films, and music videos.  He chooses to spotlight projects and ideas that help to bring a more positive outlook on life. Jerad balances his career pursuits with a healthy dose of outdoor adventure, surfing, yoga, ecstatic dance, and best of all... Time with his beloved Sophia. 

Jerad’s goal for 2018 and beyond is to fully align his passions with his purpose. This will manifest as telling inspiring new stories and spreading truth through conscious media. Jerad believes that transformational culture points the way to how we can live in our true inheritance - with full agency and connection to our mind, body, and spirit. 

Rad·i·cal: adjective

(Especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

Me·dic·i·nal: adjective

(Of a substance, plant or experience) having healing properties.

(good for the mind, body, and spirit)

Me·di·a: noun

The collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data.

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